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Clyde Stacy, early rocker, killed in Muskogee car crash Wednesday

Clyde Stacy 1950 via NewsOK
Clyde Stacy is seen in this rare 1950s photo. Photo provided to

MUSKOGEE – Clyde Stacy, an early rocker known for the 1950s hit songs "Hoy Hoy," and "So Young," died in a Muskogee traffic accident, police report.
About 6 p.m. Wednesday Stacy was killed in a crash on U.S. 69 at Harris Road when he drove into the back of a truck, police spokesman Michael Mahan said.
Stacy recorded the song "Hoy Hoy" at Oral Roberts University in 1957. He had paired up with manager Don Wallace, a disc jockey who later hosted an outdoors wildlife TV show. He also recorded "So Young," another hit. He recorded "Sure Do Love You Baby" in 1958 on the Bullseye label.
Stacy, 77, of Broken Arrow, was in a car that went underneath the rear of a five-ton crane truck, Mahan said. The driver of the truck, Jesse Brian Fairfield, 39, of Tahlequah, wore a seat belt. He was not injured.

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