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Time Traveler?

The Concept
First off, TIME IS AN ILLUSION. Im not about to ramble on about time although I will speak of it to make certain issues clear. You are immortal...Before you reel back in horror and count me as a flake hear me out. Everyone is immortal but that immortality has a price. The price of immortality is that you are not consciously aware of it. We do not pass through time but rather each new instant is a universe unto itself. Each instant is a frozen reality infinitely huge and small. Frozen and unmoving forever existing along side an infinite multitude of layered realities. Your death and your birth are forever locked in a frozen state. Every moment of your life is an ocean of frozen reality. To add to the confusion...For every choice you make in your life "quantum splintering" dictates separate realities for each choice. The number of layered realities is endless (gives me a headache). We exist in every state of the everlasting now. Our perception of times progression is an illusion (So the theory goes)
The Technology
The technology shown in the video is a means to shift between reality states. You could call it "Time travel" but that would be inaccurate given there is no such thing as time. The benefit of the "real" quantum universe is that you can visit any location and shift to any reality frame without winding up a massive distance away from the target site. Since these layered reality states are frozen, you appear exactly where you start but at any "frame" you can splinter to a multitude of varying realities. The device shown in the video is basically a number cruncher. It is a computer that calculates quantum states and allows for a sort of "fuzzy logical" destination to be input (This will take pages to explain). Once a destination has been scanned a massive EMP is delivered at very narrow focus to the location. The transfer point can then be breached by simply crossing the threshold. After the point of no return is crossed a wonderful side effect of nature takes place " The King effect" and the brea
That is the stripped down version of the story (Obviously) and I have no doubts that you will have more questions for me. I look forward to the conversation. I have more video's of transfers in progress as well as videos from "The future" and "The past" (for lack of better terms). I will be sending you these videos over the course of the next few months. Believe what you see or do not...It truly does not matter. This technology is near public release. If you have secure ftp info for me please advise.
The Laser:
To put it simply. High output lasers reflect light in even the most sparsely corrupted atmospheres (Were not talking pen lasers here). Even the smallest amounts of airborne particulates are reflected thereby making the laser visible.
John Titor:
To be honest, we hadn't heard about Mr.Titor until we were made aware of the video leak. I had a chance to browse the threads relating to John last week. What can I say...His vague descriptions of "Time Travel" lead me to believe he's full of it or perhaps he's mis-informed. Since time does not exist I find his claims hard to believe. On the other hand the "Many worlds" theory dictates that everything and anything is possible (Including strange or alternate physics). We have had some horrible things go wrong due to this very thing. John could be what he say's he is but as a scientist I would have to see his technology in front of me and in operation to believe in his claims. While were on the topic I should be clear on motivations...
I am not going to post on the Art Bell board or any other board from this point on (It destroys credibility). This information is being released in a way that conforms to responsible leakage (Take that how you want to). Full disclosure will not be attained. Some questions will be answered but unfortunately you really don't have a say in which ones. Documents and video will be provided describing certain aspects of the technologies involved (but not all). Because of recent events along with other specified web-sites will be sent specific information. You may trade this information freely. This is how it stands right now, if things change you'll be the first to know.
The Video:
A three part multi-camera video will be sent in the near future. This video depicts our latest operational footage. Camera 1 is located at ground zero (breaching point). Camera 2 is located at the projection site Camera 3 is a first person head mounted cam detailing the walkthrough to the intended destination.
This proports to show a Dimensional Traveler.
Click here to view the video..its in Real Video format.
Click here to view the video..its in Windows Media Format (http streaming very slow).
The Pictures
These were taken from video which was filmed without consent. This is the experimental unit code named "SNAKE". It is in a prototypical stage so the unit is very rough esthetically.

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