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The Life of the Lord Buddha

Prince Saddhodana and Princess Mahamaya in the royal wedding ceremony at Asoka Park.

Prince Saddhodana and Princess Mahamaya in the royal wedding ceremony at Asoka Park
Queen Mahamaya had a dream that a young white elephant entered into her womb, Since then she was pregnant.
Queen Mahamaya gave birth to Prince Siddhattha at Lumbini Park on Vesakha Full Moon Day, 80 years before the Buddha era.
Prince Siddhattha married Princess Yasodhara or Bimba of the Koliya clan and lived happily in the three castles built for three seasons.
On the four royal park tours the Prince saw an old man, a sick man, a dead man and an ascetic respectively which made Him weary of the conditioned things.
Coming from the last tour and learning that his consort was delivered of a son. The Prince then decided to renounce the world that night.
On reaching the bank of Anoma River the Prince cut off his hair with the sword.
The Prince first approached some ascetics for learning and training in search of freedom from suffering.
Dissatisfied with the ascetics' ideologies and practices the Prince tried to find out the way for himself by practising austerities with five monks in attendance.
Sakka, the Divine King, played the harp of three strings : The taut, the slack and the moderate.
Sujata presented the milk-rice mixed with honey to the " Buddha to be, " the meal before his Enlightenment.
The Prince went to the bank of Neranjara River and after taking that milk-rice, dropped down the golden vessel into the river.
Sotthiya, the grass-carrier, presented eight bundles of grass to the Prince who took and scattered the grass under the Bodhi tree and sat upon it with His face towards the East. He throught spiritual practice attained to the full Enlightenment at dawn of Vesakha Full Moon Day.
During seven day while the Buddha was experiencing of the bliss of deliverance under the shepherds'banyan tree, three daughters of the devil came and tried in vain to lure the Lord to worldly pleasure.
Under the tree Barringtonia Acutangula, the Serpent King named Mucalinda came to protect the Lord from rain and cold wind.
The two merchants, Tapussa and Bhallika, presented to Lord the rice cake and the honey cake and declared themselves the Lord's followers who took the Buddha and the Law as their guides.
Going to Isipatana, the forest, the Lord Buddha delivered His First Sermon to the five monks and of them, Annakondanna, won the Noble Insight on Asalha Full Moon Day.
The Lord Buddha went to Kapilavastu following the invitation of His father, King Suddhodana, who had learned of son's Enlightenment.
Staying in Kapilavastu the Lord Buddha went to see His former wife, Princess Yasodhara, and His Son, Prince Rahula.
Following the Buddha's foot-steps many young relatives entered the monk-hood and live a chaste life.
The Lord Buddha calmed down His relatives of the Sakya as well as the Koliya clans in the case of water countroversy.
Staying in the capital city of His father the Lord Buddha, several times, went out for alms in the morning.
The Lord Buddha, along with His noble disciples arranged the cremation of King Suddhodana's body.
The Master's Son, Rahula, was allowed to be ordained as a first novice and later as a monk. He through enthusiastic study and training attained Arahatship, the state of being free from all defilements.
The Lord Buddha converted Angulimala from being a murderer to a Buddhist monk.
Bribed by Devadatta, the reble disciple of the Buddha, the mahout let the elephant charge to kill the Master. But through the Lord's loving kindness the elephant knelt down in front of the Buddha.
Venerable Moggalana, one of the Lord's pre-eminent disciples, was hurt by the gangsters who were hired by a jealous group.
Being invited to take food at the house of Cunda, the goldsmith's son, the Master had His last meal there.
Leaving Cunda's house on His way to Kusinara where He intended to pass away at the Sala tree forest nearby, the Buddha became sick.
Preaching His last disciple, Subhadda, the Wanderer, the Lord Buddha passed away into Parinibbana on the Vesakha Full Moon day.
Staying in Kapilavastu the Lord Buddha went to see His former wife, Princess Yasodhara, and His Son, Prince Rahula.
Dona, the Brahmin, was entrusted to distribute the Buddha's relics and ashes to various kingdoms which sent their messengers to ask for some portions.

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