martedì 9 dicembre 2014


Mary Burkett OBE, owner of Isel Hall, near Cockermouth, has died at the age of 90.
Miss Burkett, who was left the hall by a distant relative in 1986, was the former director of Abbot Hall art gallery in Kendal, and in 2012 she published letters written to her by the late West Cumbrian artist Percy Kelly.
She had been Kelly’s artistic advisor, close friend and confidante since 1968.
She also founded the International Feltmakers Association in 1984 and was a prolific author, writing books about art history.
She was a supporter of the Allerdale Red Squirrel Group and arranged for her friend, botanist Dr David Bellamy, to choose images for the group’s calendar.
Miss Burkett was closely associated with the Rosehill Theatre, near Whitehaven, and was a member of its trust.
The University of Cumbria made her an honorary fellow in 2007.
Miss Burkett, who celebrated her 90th birthday last month at Blindcrake Village Hall, died on Wednesday.

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