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MORE flood woe for Britain? Forecasters' shock warning of WETTEST winter for 30 YEARS

BRITAIN is about to battered by another bout of autumn storms as the country faces one of the wettest winters in 30 years.

Army called in during last winter's flood crisisPA
The army were called in during last winter's flood crisis in Somerset
However opinions are still very much divided with other long-range forecasters predicting a major big freeze this year.
James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said weeks of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures threaten to grind the country to a halt.
He said: “An area we need to watch for as we progress throughout this week is a progressively cooler picture developing from the north.
“There is also likely to be some snow across higher ground towards the latter part of this week and into next weekend, and we may also see some wintry showers developing across some other parts of the country, in particular, in some parts of northern England and some western coastal areas at times.”
It comes as parts of Britain which bore the brunt of torrential downpours and gales last week brace for more misery this week.
Ferocious gusts of 93mph were recorded in Devon while heavy rain caused part of the M25 motorway around London to collapse on Friday.
The Environment Agency has stepped up warnings across the southwest, central and eastern parts where river levels are rising and ground is saturated.
It has issued 11 flood alerts across the country with one more serious flood warning in the southwest including Devon and Somerset.
Veteran BBC broadcaster Michael Fish said: “The unsettled weather looks like continuing for some considerable time, certainly another week and possibly even longer.
“The jet [stream] is to blame as always, [this] week it gets stronger and straighter and towards the end of the week a really strong jet blasts straight across the Atlantic and right into the United Kingdom.
“Monday will be wet and windy, then wind and heavy rain will spread into the southwest and south Wales by Tuesday midnight.
“The unsettled weather then will continue for the foreseeable future.”
Met Office forecaster Krista Mitchell said “There is quite a lot of rain around on Monday before it gets a little bit more settled on Tuesday.
“But then overnight into Wednesday there is more rain approaching from the southwest with the risk of showers through the day and a similar story for Thursday.”
The gloomy outlook has prompted books to slash odds on this month being the wettest on record beating the soggy November of 2009.
Coral spokeswoman Nicola McGeady said: “After being flooded with wet weather bets, we've been forced to take shelter and slash the odds on Britain suffering from a record-breaking deluge this month.”
Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK, said: “After a drier day on Tuesday we have to look to the west again for our weather, as another large upper trough and developing surface low pressure system becomes established over the eastern Atlantic.
“One band of rain will move north east late Tuesday and on Wednesday, and there will be more rain later Thursday and on Friday. 
“Skies will be very unsettled by next weekend, with the risk of gales and heavy rain with pressure very low over the UK.”
 WeatherOnline forecaster John Ejdowski said: “Much of this week low pressure will be in control and overall it should be rather unsettled with fronts bringing rain in across most parts of the country. 
“Temperatures will very from slightly above normal to slightly below normal with little risk of frost due to cloud cover and rain.”
Britain could be set for a big freezePA
Other forecasters have warned Britain could be set for a big freeze
The jet stream has recently got stronger and moved north, which could carry weather systems from the Atlantic right over the UK
Met Office long-range expert professor Adam Scaife
Somerset council said it is prepared for floods this winter after the county was devastated by weeks of heavy rain last year.
Hundreds of people in the region were forced from their homes last winter while thousands of others were left without power.
A council spokesman said: “Around £20 million has been committed to the Flood Action Plan and several key schemes have been done or are underway. 
“But no amount of money and effort will completely stop flooding. 
“The plan is about reducing the likelihood, impact and duration of any flooding.”
Netweather forecaster Paul Michaelwaite said: “Monday brings patchy rain and showers in from the east into many areas which is quite an unusual direction, by Tuesday we watch to the southwest again though as rain and strong winds try to make their move in. 
“They may face a bit of a struggle though so many parts staying dry through the day before it all breaks through and heads further northeast during Wednesday and into Thursday.”

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