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November 19, 2014
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Hidden Rooms
Venice International video art, experimental dance and performance festival
Opening: November 19, 2014
International ArtExpo, in collaboration with Ca’ Zanardi, is proud to announce the opening of HIDDEN ROOMS – IDENTITIES . CITIES . MEMORIES, international festival of video art, experimental dance and performance. The exhibition, curated by Luca Curci, under the patronage of the city of Venice, will be held in Venice at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, on November 19, 20 and 21, 2014.
The event is part of the contemporary art exhibition “Venezia Misteriosa” organized and curated by Andrea Chinellato and supported by Regione Veneto, Provincia di Belluno, Provincia di Padova, Provincia di Rovigo, Provincia di Treviso, Provincia di Venezia, Provincia di Verona and Provincia di Vicenza.
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The opening of the event will be on November 19 at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, starting from 03.00 PM (free entry).
organizers: International ArtExpo, Ca’ Zanardi
curator: Luca Curci
press office: It’s LIQUID
venue: Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132, 30121 Venice, Italy
dates: 19, 20, 21 of November 2014, from 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM and from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM – FREE ENTRY
The event is curated by Arch. Luca Curci (Founder of LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTS, International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID Group). The festival’s program includes exhibitions, video art screenings, movies’ projections, live performances and meetings with artists involved.
HIDDEN ROOMS – IDENTITIES . CITIES . MEMORIES festival is focused on the revelation of the inner facets of our identities, on the disclosure of the hidden shapes of our being. The concept is divided into 3 sections:
HIDDEN IDENTITIES focused on the closed rooms we have inside. We usually wear temporary identities that reflect environment, societies, places. The exhibition aims to enlighten these rooms, to describe them, to create a new catalogue of human hidden identities.
HIDDEN CITIES is about the underground lifestyles that run on a parallel level of our ordinary life. Everyday behaviours are the actual reflection of cities we have created and that have developed a personal identity. This new city character becomes the new order that modifies our everyday life.
HIDDEN MEMORIES talks about the invisible common ground that unifies all humans. The event wants to represent through video art and performance this hidden line that connects all peoples, religions and cultures.
For the first time International ArtExpo will host its new division dedicated to the experimental dance, with live dance performances during the show, coordinated by Alexandra Foffano and Angelica Stecchi.
.video art | November 19, 20, 21
Gloria Campriani
. Italy | Mar Garrido . Spain | Tunç Gençer . Turkey | Blanca Gimenez . Spain | Karin Bandelin . Germany | Ilaria Pezone . Italy | Caroline Mackenzie . UK | Morgan Teel . USA | Eija Temisevä . Finland | Youjia Lu . Australia | Marina H.S Pu Carmo . UK | Lea Dolinsky . Israel | Astrid Jahns . Germany | Arent Weevers . The Netherlands | Claudius Pratsch & Sergio Azzolini . Germany / Italy | Natasha Jozi . Pakistan | Sebastien Lefebvre . France | Krsto Borozan . Montenegro | Alejandro Thornton . Argentina | Bill Hill . USA | Maria Cristina Carlini . Italy | Rossella Gilli . Italy | Jasenka Bulj . Croatia | Ester Eva Damen & Suzan Tunca . The Netherlands | Nathaniel Fox-Pappas . Canada | Milan DelVecchio . USA | Maya Agam . France | Eleanor Oakes . USA | Kathy Rose . USA | Tijana Gavric . Canada | Carmen Mavrea . Romania | Alfredo Zubiaur . Spain | Renate Schweizer . Germany | Santiago Echeverry . USA | Fido Koelliker & Sabine Huber . Switzerland | Albert Pinya . Spain | Eginbon . Taiwan | Stefanie Sixt & Markus Mehr . Germany | Romina Mejak . Croatia | Katrina Mathers & Josie Wadelton . Australia | Paula Haapalahti . Finland | Arba Bekteshi . Albania | Mario Fernando Londoño . Argentina | Lior Nordman . Israel | Beatriz Castañeda Díaz . Spain | mag.MA architetture . Italy | Lazara Rosell Albear . Belgium | Angelika Rinnhofer . USA | Chelsea Rae Klein . USA | Mia Wewer . Denmark | Anette Friedrich Johannessen . Norway | Nida Ramzan . Pakistan | Johanna Nuutinen . Finland | Jim Costanzo . USA | Sandra Monterosso . Austria | Abby Sin . USA | Hiroko Okahashi . USA | Lea Vidakovic . Singapore | Louise Oligny, Maison de la Solidarité . France | Rania Fouad . Egypt | Ryan Davis . USA | Andrea Éva Gyori . Hungary | Alberto Riccardo Messaggi . Italy | Rudi le Hane . South Africa | Chiara Cossu . Italy | Anja Spajic . Croatia | Magda Matwiejew . Australia | Dotti Cichon & Anitta Toivio . USA / Finland | Isabel Carafi . Italy | L. Ashwyn Collins . USA
.experimental dance | November 19
Accademia La Maison de la Danse
. Italy | Compagnia Eliadi . Italy | Iuvenis Danza . Italy | Espressione Danza . Italy | Romina dall’Aglio . Italy | Alexandra Foffano & Angelica Stecchi . Italy
.performance art | November 19
Luisa Contarello & Arianna Formentin
. Italy | Zorana Matovic . Serbia | Enrique Cárdenes Batista . Spain Closing party on November 21 with the live performance of Rony Efrat from France
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi is a residential palace dating back to the 16th century which, over the centuries, has been added on to by various noble Venetian families and is one of the most evocative and beautiful palaces in the city of Venice; the Serenissima. Sumptuous and possessing particular charm, Ca’ Zanardi is located in a most peaceful setting and has its own delightful private garden as well as a magnificent terrace full of sun and colour. Ca’ Zanardi is located close to the Ca’ D’Oro, the splendid 15th century gothic palace along the Grand Canal.  It is located off the main tourist drag but is still easily reachable by foot, after a two minute walk from the Ca’ D’Oro water bus stop, or by boat using the palazzo’s private pier positioned along the fetching Santa Caterina canal. The refined elegance of the palazzo’s halls and common areas and the delicacy of its original 16th century furnishings create a fascinating setting.
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70122 Bari (Italy)
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