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[It's LIQUID News] Emilia Kohut - Superfine Jewellery

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November 25, 2014
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Emilia Kohut - Superfine Jewellery
Masters Graduate Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Emilia Kohut began her career in the Laboratory of Small Industrial Design and Jewelry. Since then jewelry has become the way of expressing herself and her work. She took part in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Laureate of Amberif Design Award 2012.
“Jewelry designed by sense of touch and inspired by the anatomy of the body. It stimulates the body by a variety of incentives such as heat, cold, weight, texture. Each element is an extension of the body that gives micro pleasure for the skin.
Each items are made of carefully selected and tested materials. This selection allows to achieve a specific response of the body. Objects designed for women by a woman.
In the last collections you will find the combination of wood, glass and metal. All items were made in interesting mergers and atypical forms. Materials are pulverized or grinded and combined once again by mixing all together.”

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